A. Introduction

Article I. Objective

The purpose of these general terms and conditions is to establish the terms of use of the services provided by Myalbert.io Limited, They govern the contractual terms and conditions between Myalbert.io, henceforth referred to as Myalbert.io and the Client; referred to together as the Parties.

Article II. General

The service, henceforth referred to as the “Service” is defined in the purchase order and applies to the provision of all services sales.

Article III. Financial terms and conditions

Service price

The price of the Services excluding tax features on the Purchase Order. The rights and charges are those applicable on the billing date.
Price adjustment

Myalbert.io can modify its rates and apply new rates to existing contracts. In case of adjustment, Myalbert.io will inform the relevant clients in advance. In case of an increase in price, the Client is free to cancel the contracted Service subject to the increase within 15 days of receipt of Myalbert.io’s message by informing Myalbert.io by registered letter with confirmation of receipt.

Payment method

Bills are payable by direct debit or bank transfer within 15 days starting from the billing date unless otherwise specified in the Purchase Order.

However, in the event that collective proceedings are initiated, the Client must pay the bill outright in cash.

Payment defaults

In case of failure to pay the bill by the required date
· Myalbert.io can legally suspend the Service without any legal formalities. In such a case, Myalbert.io will send the formal client notice to pay and specify the date on which the Service will be suspended.
· Late payment will also invalidate all of Myalbert.io’s dates for monies owed to the client and their immediate payment.
· Myalbert.io will charge interest on late payments at 1.5 times the legal interest rate.


Bills are considered to have been accepted if they were not disputed by the provision of detailed supporting documents in support of the dispute in the 15 days following the billing date. In the event of a dispute, the Client must nevertheless pay the undisputed part of the bill by the due date.

Unless otherwise specified in the Purchase Order, the Client expressly authorises Myalbert.io to issue bills exclusively in electronic format.

Article IV. Duration and termination

The contract and/or the order take effect from the date that the Purchase Order is signed.
The Service access duration is specified in the purchase order.
For subscription Services, the service duration is 12 months. The order is automatically renewed for additional periods following the initial 12-month period.
Either party can terminate the Service by registered letter with confirmation of receipt by giving 90 days’ advance notice to take effect at the end of the initial 12-month period at the earliest or at the end of the automatic renewal period. The Client must pay the charges owed until the end of the initial 12-month period or the 12-month automatic renewal period. Myalbert.io can terminate the Service without notice if the client violates one of its obligations. All additional hours observed at the date of termination will be invoiced at the rate of 125 CHF per hour and payable within 10 days.

Article V. Suspensions

Myalbert.io can legally suspend the service for the purpose of carrying out any maintenance operations or updating of its equipment. In this case, Myalbert.io will strive to cause as little inconvenience to the Client as possible.

Article VI. The Parties’ Obligations and Responsibilities

The Client is solely responsible for the protection and use of its access codes.

The Client undertakes to never use the Service for improper or illegal purposes contrary to public policy or accepted principles of morality or those that could be considered otherwise objectionable or to use the Service as part of fraudulent and/or unlawful activities, and to never allow third parties to do so either.

The service is exclusively for non-abusive and diligent use.

The Client has sole responsibility for the content of the information broadcast and/or passed on via the Service.

The Client undertakes to use the service for its own exclusive use and is prohibited from reselling the service.

The Client guarantees Myalbert.io against all damages and against any claims, action or proceedings brought against it resulting from the use of the Service or its contents.

Myalbert.io undertakes to implement the measures required to provide an available and uninterrupted service within the scope of its capabilities and its equipment as well as the technical restrictions inherent to their operation. To this end, Myalbert.io cannot guarantee that the service is always available, uninterrupted and error-free.

Myalbert.io exercises no control over-stored, transferred and/or disseminated information and cannot, therefore, be held liable.

Myalbert.io cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the use, malfunction or interruption of the Service.

Article VII. Data Protection

Myalbert.io acts as the Subcontractor in regard to clients’ personal data, and the Client acts as the Processing Manager. The terms Subcontractor and Processing Manager are defined in the GDPR. Myalbert.io must take the appropriate technical and organisational measures to prevent non-authorised or illegal processing of personal data and must comply with the other applicable legislative provisions regarding data protection.
In so far as the client is the Processing Manager and Myalbert.io is the subcontractor; under these terms and conditions the Client authorises Myalbert.io to process personal data obtained by the Client to meet its obligations under the terms and conditions of service. The collection of personal data is only carried out under the Client’s supervision.

The client grants Myalbert.io general authorisation to use third parties to provide the Service. When the sub-processor is located in a third-party country, and there are no feasible and appropriate safeguards, the processing manager instructs the subcontractor to sign, on behalf of the processing manager, the standard contractual clauses of the European Commission with the sub-processor in accordance with these instructions.

Article VII. Force majeure

Both parties will be exempt from all liability resulting from force majeure

Article VIII. Miscellaneous provisions

Number assignment

The assignment of numbers does not constitute the transferral of property to the Client.


Throughout the duration of the contract and for a one-year period following its termination, each of the Parties undertakes to uphold the confidential nature of the information that they have received through their contractual relations. However, Myalbert.io can pass on information related to Service use to authorities in the event that these authorities request it.

Business references – special offers

The Client authorises Myalbert.io to use its name, brand and logo as a business reference. The Client authorises Myalbert.io to send it adverts, sales offers and invitations.

Intellectual Property

All the Intellectual Property Rights related to the Service are and will remain the exclusive property of Myalbert.io.

Contract assignment

The contract cannot be assigned nor transferred without prior agreement from Myalbert.io.

Disputes/Applicable law

The contract is governed by English law. However, any dispute will be brought  in the commercial court of the country of execution of the missions and the client’s account.